Create a channel

Create a channel in an inbox.


You can create an SMTP, custom, or Twilio channel with the API.

SMTP channels created via API will be unvalidated

  • In the response body returned, the address is the forwarding address.
  • To complete the SMTP validation process:
  1. Add the forwarding address to your email provider's settings
  2. Use the Validate channel endpoint to validate messages are forwarded successfully.

Example Payloads

Creating an SMTP Channel

    "name": "Create SMTP Channel",
    "type": "smtp", 
    "send_as": "[email protected]"

// Note that settings is not needed

Creating a Custom Channel

    "name": "Create Custom Channel",
    "type": "custom", 
    "settings": {
        "webhook_url": "",
        "contact_type": "email",
        "compose_mode": "normal",
        "reply_mode": "same_channel"

// Note that send_as is not needed

Creating a Twilio Channel

    "name": "Create Twilio Channel",
    "type": "twilio",
    "send_as": "+14151234567",
    "settings": {
        "sid": "YOUR TWILIO SID",
        "auth_token": "YOUR TWILIO AUTH TOKEN"