A tag is a label that can be used to classify conversations. If you are trying to use tags to link conversations in Front to external items (such as orders, shipments, bugs, or loans) we recommend using topics instead.

A tag has an optional highlight field which represents the color to highlight the tag within Front.

Tags can have a parent-child relationship with other tags.

Example Tag Object

  "_links": {
    "self": "https://api2.frontapp.com/tags/tag_55c8c149",
    "related": {
      "conversations": "https://api2.frontapp.com/tags/tag_55c8c149/conversations",
      "owner": "https://api2.frontapp.com/teams/tim_55c8c149",
      "children": "https://api2.frontapp.com/tags/tag_55c8c149/children"
  "id": "tag_55c8c149",
  "name": "Robots",
  "highlight": "blue",
  "is_private": false,
  "created_at": 0,
  "updated_at": 0