[Core API] Message Template Endpoints

Message templates (previously referred to as 'responses' or 'canned answers') and message template folders now expose a number of additional endpoints. These endpoints make it possible to bulk upload or sync message templates from any external service.

New Endpoints

Message Templates:

  • GET /message_templates
  • GET /teams/:team_id/message_templates
  • GET /teammates/:teammate_id/message_templates
  • POST /message_templates
  • POST /teams/:team_id/message_templates
  • POST /teammates/:teammate_id/message_templates
  • POST /message_template_folders/:message_template_id/message_templates
  • PATCH /message_templates/:message_template_id
  • DELETE /message_templates/:message_template_id

Message Template Folders:

  • GET /message_template_folders
  • GET /teams/:team_id/message_template_folders
  • GET /teammates/:teammate_id/message_template_folders
  • POST /message_template_folders
  • POST /teams/:team_id/message_template_folders
  • POST /teammates/:teammate_id/message_template_folders
  • POST /message_template_folders/:message_template_id/message_template_folders
  • PATCH /message_template_folders/:message_template_folder_id
  • DELETE /message_template_folders/:message_template_folder_id

Deprecated Endpoints

As part of these updates the following endpoints are now deprecated and will no longer be supported on January, 31st 2022:

  • GET /responses
  • GET /teams/team_id/responses
  • GET /teammates/teammate_id/responses
  • GET /responses/response_id

The functionality for each of these endpoints is still available, but has been renamed from responses -> message_templates. So, for example, if message templates were previously fetched from /teams/team_id/responses, they should now be fetched from /teams/team_id/message_templates. Renaming your endpoints is the only necessary change because the IDs of the templates will not be changing.