[Plugin SDK] Version 1.2.0


[Chat SDK] Clear session when shutting down chat widget

A new clearSession option can now be used with the shutdown method to remove Front Chat cookies associated with the current chat session.

[Plugin SDK] Beta release of Front UI Kit

You can now access the beta release of the Front UI Kit: a set of React components that help you build plugins. The Front UI Kit includes buttons, menus, date pickers, and many other useful and common plugin components. Using the Front UI Kit should help you save on development time and provide your plugin users a set of well-tested and familiar components to interact with.


[Core API] New endpoint for message seen receipts

We've released an update which makes message seen information available through our API.


[Core API] Allow contact merging

We've released an update which allows for merging contacts through our API.


[Core API] Default signature & signature styling

We've released two changes to improve signature management in the Core API.


[Core API] Allow Partner Channels to modify their own status

Partner channels now have the ability to control their status through the PATCH /channels/:channel_id endpoint. You can find more details here:


[Core API] Importing messages can un-archive conversations

A bug in our Core API was sometimes preventing archived conversations from reopening when a new non-archived message was imported through the import message endpoint. The fix will allow conversations to become un-archived in this case.

[Core API] New Search tutorial

We just published a new tutorial explaining how to search for conversations using the Core API. Happy coding!

[Plugin SDK] New plugin-sdk version: 1.1.0