[Core API] Update channel settings for non-custom channels

Update Channel now supports updating certain channel settings for channel types other than custom:


[Core API] Analytics and Exports updates

As part of our ongoing investments in the performance and intuitiveness of Front analytics, the analytics feature was revamped earlier this year. As part of that revamp, we have deprecated the endpoints that supported the legacy analytics, in favor of new endpoints that align with the latest capabilities of the analytics feature. The deprecated routes will be removed on June 1st, 2022.


Progressive removal of `topics` from the Conversation Model and `link` from the Link model

As communicated earlier in a previous changelog entry, Topics have been renamed to Links in the Front API as of October 31, 2021. We will begin a progressive rollout of the removal of the topics field from the Conversation model and the link field from the Link model on November 9, 2021.


[Core API] `topics` endpoints removed from the Front API

As communicated earlier in a previous changelog entry, Topics have been renamed to Links in the Front API as of October 31, 2021. The legacy topics links have been removed from the API.


[Core API] Removal of `last_message` from the Conversation Model

To improve the performance and reliability of the API, we will be removing the last_message field from the Conversation model on May 1st, 2022. As of today, the field is considered deprecated and replaced with the last_message key in the _links.related object.


[Core API] Message Template Endpoints

Message templates (previously referred to as 'responses' or 'canned answers') and message template folders now expose a number of additional endpoints. These endpoints make it possible to bulk upload or sync message templates from any external service.


[Core API] Attachment support for comments

Comment endpoints now support attachments when creating or fetching them.


[Core API] Topics renamed to Links

In order to avoid confusion between the API documentation and the user-facing feature, we are renaming Topics-related endpoints to "Links". This new naming clarifies the use case of the feature, and is more consistent with our in-app naming. No underlying functionality or resource IDs will change, but the the legacy Topics routes are now deprecated and will be removed October 31st, 2021. If you are currently relying on Topics, you'll need to make some small updates before the removal date as described below:


[Core API] Contacts access check

In some limited cases, contacts not visible in the Contact Manager would be accessible via the Public API when using a contact ID alias (eg: alt:email:[email protected]).
This fix now ensures that contacts returned using this method can be found in the Contact Manager.

[Core API] Topics support

Added endpoints for listing, creating, and updating topics. Also added support for adding and removing topics from conversations. Topics (or Links as they are known in-app) are highly recommended when trying to tie conversations to external systems — for example linking bugs, feature requests, work orders, shipments, loans, trips etc.. They are similar to Tags except that they are unique across your entire instance of Front (not just the same Team), and allow users to access the related resource via a unique URL.