[Core API] Removal of `last_message` from the Conversation Model

To improve the performance and reliability of the API, we will be removing the last_message field from the Conversation model on May 1st, 2022. As of today, the field is considered deprecated and replaced with the last_message key in the _links.related object.

The _links.related.last_message field is a link to the last message of a conversation which should be used to fetch the message body which was previously rendered directly on the conversation. If you or your team are currently using the last_message conversation property, you should instead begin using the _links.related.last_message conversation property. This property will be a string providing the URL (e.g. “”) you should use to make a separate GET request to fetch the identical message body that was previously provided directly on the conversation.

Impacted Paths:

  • Conversations
    • /conversations/:conversation_id
    • /contacts/:contact_id/conversations
    • /conversations
    • /inboxes/:inbox_id/conversations
    • /tags/:tag_id/conversations
    • /teammates/:teammate_id/conversations
    • /links/:link_id/conversations
    • /conversations/search/:query
  • Activities
    • /events
    • /conversations/:conversation_id/events
    • /events/:event_id

This change also affects events delivered by webhook rules — if you are relying on the last_message conversation property in a payload delivered by a webhook, you will need to use the _links.related.last_message property instead.

Note that no endpoint paths or parameters are changing — it is only the conversation model included in response or webhook payloads that is changing, and no action is required unless you are currently making use of the last_message property on conversations.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at [email protected]