[Core API] Signatures support

The Front API now supports signatures! Signatures can be managed in the API using the following endpoints:

  • GET /signatures/:signature_id
  • GET /teammates/:teammate_id/signatures
  • GET /teams/:team_id/signatures
  • POST /teammates/:teammate_id/signatures
  • POST /teams/:team_id/signatures
  • PATCH /signatures/:signature_id
  • DELETE /signatures/:signature_id

In addition to creating, reading, updating, and deleting signatures via the API, signatures can now also be attached to drafts and messages through the following endpoints:

  • POST /channels/:channel_id/messages
  • POST /conversations/:conversation_id/messages
  • POST /channels/:channel_id/drafts
  • POST /conversations/:conversation_id/drafts
  • PATCH /drafts/:draft_id

For all of the message and draft endpoints listed above, signatures may be attached directly using the signature_id body parameter. Additionally, you can specify the should_add_default_signature parameter to true in place of the signature_id parameter, in which case Front will pick a signature for your message.