[Front Platform] Create and manage apps directly in Front

You can now create and manage apps directly in Front with the new Developers page! The Developers page is available in your company settings (you must be an admin to view).


View and manage all your apps in one place

Whether you're creating a Core API integration, a plugin, or a new channel type, the Developers page will be your one-stop shop for managing all the integrations you are developing or have published in the past. Read the full details in the Create, manage, and publish apps topic.

Obtain OAuth or API token credentials without requiring assistance from Front Support

You no longer have to contact Front Support to obtain OAuth credentials for your apps. You can now obtain your client ID, secret, and specify redirect URLs directly in Front for new apps. Note that existing OAuth credentials will continue to work, but will not appear in the app list.

The new Developers page also lets you manage API tokens, which used to live under the Plugins & API section of the settings (removed by this update). Any existing API tokens have been migrated to the new page.

Plugin integrations have been migrated to the new app experience

All the plugins you have developed have been migrated to the new app experience. You should see them under the list of apps on your Developers page. The Plugins & API page has been removed by this update.

In the new app experience, you create an app and then add plugins as a feature of that app.


To learn how to add new plugin features to your apps, refer to the Create, manage, and publish apps topic.

Channel integrations will be migrated soon

Within the next few months, we will add the ability to add channel types to apps. For now, continue developing channel integrations using the existing process, which requires you to contact our team to request a new channel type.