[Core API] Enforce feature access

A bug in our Core API server was letting traffic to some endpoints to go through despite the feature not being accessible to their plan.


[Core API] `prev` Pagination Field Removal

[Core API] Resource-specific custom fields

Front is introducing resource-specific custom fields. In addition to Contacts, custom fields can now be added to Inboxes and Teammates.


[Channel API] Message import improvements

Starting May 31, 2021, important usability improvements will be introduced to the Channel API. For developers of existing Channel API integrations, the changes are purely additive and no technical changes should be necessary. Nevertheless, we highly recommend taking advantage of these improvements to conserve API calls and simplify code. The changes can be summarized as follows:


[Core API] Search Conversations Endpoint

Added a new Search conversations endpoint to find conversations based on a variety of parameters. You can use the Search API to perform workflows such as finding all conversations referencing a particular customer and pushing them to a CRM, seeing how many conversations a particular teammate has assigned across multiple inboxes, or finding any instance of a particular email address and deleting all associated conversations


[Core API] Draft and conversation sharing

Added support for sharing drafts and adding/removing teammates as followers of a conversation.


[Core API] Conversation Reminders

  • Introduced PATCH /conversations/conversation_id/reminders to expose the ability to snooze and unsnooze a conversation. Please see Update conversation reminders ] for more details.

  • Introduced scheduled_reminders to the conversation model. Please see Conversations for more details.

  • Introduced reminder as a possible source for archive and reminder type events. Please see Events for more details. The _meta for this source type will match the model described for scheduled_reminder in Conversations.

Contacts migration

An upcoming update to Contacts in Front will reduce the prevalence of duplicated contacts by replacing Team-based contacts with a unified Company-wide contact record. A summary of these changes is available on our help center. From an API perspective, these changes will mean that:


[Core API] Create Twilio Channel / Validate Channel

  • POST /inboxes/{inbox_id}/channels now supports creating a Twilio channel. Please see Create a channel for more details.

  • POST /channels/channel_id/validate validates a channel. Please see Validate channel for more details


[Plugin SDK] Release v1.0.0

Released the new plugin SDK under the NPM package @frontapp/plugin-sdk.