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  • Introduction
  • Introduction

    To start using Front Chat, please read our chat documentation.

    Once the chat is installed on your website, the FrontChat JavaScript object will become available. This object responds to a few methods that allow you to manipulate the chat window.

    FrontChat('init', options)

    By default, the chat launcher will become visible immediately after the page loads. This is not always desirable if you want to use an alternative button or delay when the chat becomes available.

      FrontChat('init', {
        useDefaultLauncher: false

    If you don't call the init method, useDefaultLauncher will be true by default.

    Note: You can only call init once.


    You can use shutdown to remove the chat from your page after starting it. The chat will disappear from the page until init is called again (or the page is reloaded).



    This will open the main FrontChat messenger panel.



    This will close the main FrontChat messenger panel. If useDefaultLauncher was set to false, the launcher will not appear.


    FrontChat('onUnreadChange', handler)

    This method allows you to register a function (the handler) that will be called when the current number of unread messages changes. The handler is expected to be a function that will receive as first parameter an object like {unread_count: 1}. The handler will always be called immediately to pass an initial value.

    It will return an unbind function that you can call to unregister the handler.

      const unbind = FrontChat('onUnreadChange', handler);