Deprecation Policy

Last Updated: November 30, 2021

To keep the Front platform healthy, we sometimes remove routes from the Core API or fields from the bodies returned (or sent) by Front via the API/webhooks. There can be many reasons why we make changes to the Front Developer Platform, including that:

  • They are superseded by newer fields or APIs.
  • They are updated to reflect product deprecations or necessary performance changes.

To mitigate issues ahead of time, we give developers advanced notice to make any necessary changes. Front currently has a process for deprecations which is essentially:

  • Announce the change in a new post on the API News & Updates page of the Front community marked “Deprecation” or "Important". The post will include a summary of the change, reasoning, migration paths, and an estimated end-of-life (EOL) date. Developers should stop using the field and plan for any workarounds.
  • Directly notify known consumers of affected APIs in the last 30 days to Front’s best effort.
    • We may send follow up notifications depending on time from the EOL date.
  • Update documentation to reflect field/route deprecated status.
    • Example: Deprecated fields are removed from documentation and impacted route documentation is updated to signal that the response may include deprecated fields.
  • After the EOL date, publish a new post on the community indicating the rollout strategy. Developers relying on the field should expect things to break.
    • Example: Field will be progressively removed from some percentage of requests. The percentage will increase over some time scale until it is fully removed.
  • Wait, monitor, and fully roll out based on the documented rollout strategy.