Resource Aliases

You can refer to all the resources with their system-generated IDs. Alternatively, some resources can be accessed via a more human readable alias. This means you can make API requests, such as to retrieve or update the resource, with more natural identifiers (such as an email address versus a system ID) for these resources.



Example[email protected]

When you include the resource alias in the API endpoint, you will receive an HTTP 20X Success status if the resource exists with the specified alias. If you receive HTTP 404 Not Found, then the resource does not exist.

Supported API resources

You can use an alias for the following resources:


Teammates can be identified with their email.

alt:email:[email protected] for the teammate with the email address [email protected].


Channels can be identified with their address.

alt:address:@FrontApp for the channel with the address @FrontApp.


Contacts can be identified with their source and handle. Refer to the list of sources on the Contacts page. You can also identify a contact's source/handles in the handles array returned in a Contact response.

alt:twitter:@leela for the contact having the twitter handle @leela.
alt:phone:+12345678900 for the contact having the phone number +12345678900.


Messages can be identified with their uid, which can be obtained from certain endpoints such as Receive custom messages.

alt:uid:1eab543f84a0785f7b6b8967cck18f4d for the message with the uid 1eab543f84a0785f7b6b8967cck18f4d.


Accounts can be identified with their domain or external ID (ext_id).

Examples for the Account with the domain
alt:ext_id:abc123 for the Account with the external ID abc123.