What coding language do I need to use in order to build a custom plugin with Front?
You can use any web framework or library you wish: it's just a web page embedded in Front.

Do you have an example of a working plugin we can use or sample code?
Yes! Check out our sample plugin.

Do you have a component library I can use to facilitate the development of my plugin?
Yes! The Front UI Kit provides ready-to-use components for use in the React framework.

Why are my links not working?
Because the plugin is running in a sandboxed iFrame, links that are targeting a new tab (via target="_blank") or window.open will stop working.
Instead, you need to use the openUrl method to request Front to open the URL.

Where is the documentation to the previous version?
While we are recommending you to migrate to the current version (cf: our Migration guide), you can access the legacy documentation here.