To get statistics about activities happening in Front, you need to request the corresponding metrics of the analytics.
Each metric can be

  • A scalar: this is a single value (a number, duration, percentage or string).
  • A table: this is a set of different values for a set of resources.
  • A time graph: this is a unique value decomposed in multiple values over the requested time range.

Scalar Metrics Available

avg_conversations_per_dayNumberAverage number of conversations occuring per day
avg_first_response_timeDurationAverage time for your teammates to send the first reply
avg_handle_timeDurationAverage time between opening a conversation and sending a reply
avg_replies_to_resolveNumberAverage number of replies to resolve a conversation
avg_resolution_timeDurationAverage time for a conversation to be resolved
avg_response_timeDurationAverage time for your teammate to reply to a message
busiest_dayDurationName of the day where you receive the most messages
busiest_timeDurationHour of the day where you receive the most messages
inbox_num_messages_receivedNumberNumber of messages received
num_active_segmentsNumberNumber of conversations which received or sent at least one message
num_conversations_resolvedNumberNumber of conversation resolutions that occurred
num_conversations_unresolvedNumberNumber of conversations where no resolution has occurred
num_customers_helpedNumberNumber of unique customer with which your teammates interacted
num_messages_receivedNumberTotal number of messages received
num_messages_sentNumberTotal number of messages sent
num_new_segmentsNumberNumber of new conversation segments
num_replies_sentNumberNumber of replies sent
num_resolved_segmentsNumberNumber of resolved conversation segments
num_segmentsNumberNumber of segments
num_sla_breachNumberNumber of conversations where SLA was breached
pct_resolved_on_first_replyPercentagePercentage of conversations resolved on the first reply
pct_segments_resolved_on_first_replyPercentagePercentage of segments resolved on the first reply

Table metrics available

customers_tableContact-level metrics
first_response_histoPercentage of first responses for each duration
inbox_tableInbox-level metrics
resolution_count_histoNumber of resolved conversations for each duration
resolution_histoPercentage of resolved conversations for each duration
response_count_histoNumber of responses sent for each duration
response_histoPercentage of responses sent for each duration
sla_breach_response_count_histoNumber of SLA breaches for each duration
sla_tableSLA-level metrics
tag_report_tableTag-level metrics
tags_tableTag-level metrics
team_performance_tableTeammate-level metrics
team_tableTeam-level metrics
top_conversations_tableTop 3 teammates number of conversations
top_reaction_time_tableTop 3 teammates average time to react to a conversation
top_replies_tableTop 3 teammates number of replies sent

Time graph metrics available

customers_helped_graphNumber of unique customer which received at least one message
first_response_graphAverage time for your teammate to send the first reply
handle_time_graphAverage time between opening a conversation and sending a reply
inbox_num_messages_recieved_graphNumber of messages received
inbox_num_resolved_conversation_graphNumber of conversations resolved
messages_received_graphNumber of messages received
new_conversations_graphNumber of new conversations
num_archived_conversations_graphNumber of conversations archived
num_conversations_open_handle_move_graphNumber of open conversations
num_messages_sent_graphNumber of messages sent
num_new_segments_graphNumber of new segments
num_sla_breach_graphNumber of SLAs breached
num_sla_warning_graphNumber of SLA warnings
replies_sent_graphNumber of replies sent
resolution_graphAverage time to resolve a conversation
response_graphAverage time for your teammate to reply to a message

Each metric property contains the value for the requested time period (in the field named v) as well as the value for the previous period (in the field named p).

Depending on the date range you request the analytics, it can take some time to process it. This is why you might need to send multiple requests to get the results. To help you estimate the remaining time, the server response will contain a progress field containing a number ranging from 0 to 100 which is the percentage of the analytics processed.

Example Analytics Object

  "status": "pending",
  "progress": 42,
  "metrics": [
      "id": "avg_conversations_per_day",
      "metric_type": "scalar",
      "t": "num",
      "v": 42,
      "p": 24
      "id": "first_response_histo",
      "metric_type": "table",
      "columns": [
          "id": "time",
          "label": "Time",
          "type": "num"
          "id": "pct_replies",
          "label": "Replies %",
          "type": "num"
      "rows": [
            "t": "str",
            "v": "< 15mn",
            "p": "< 15mn"
            "t": "pct",
            "v": "12",
            "p": "50"
      "id": "first_response_graph",
      "metric_type": "time_graph",
      "vals": [
          "t": "dur",
          "v": 42,
          "p": 24,
          "label": "January",
          "start": 1451785860,
          "end": 1454464260