Links are similar to tags in Front except that they have an external_url property that allows them to point to resources in external systems, such as feature requests, bugs, loans, shipments, itineraries etc. Unlike tags, their unicity is also enforced across your entire instance of Front based on the external_url, as opposed to requiring a unique name per team like tags do. For a general overview of how to use Links and their use cases, please see our help center article.

Links are great for connecting conversations in Front to resources in external systems, especially when you may have hundreds or thousands of such resources. For example, a conversation about a particular order might have a link with name ORD-1234 and external_url In contrast, tags are best suited for classifying discrete conversation statuses or categories.

Once a Link is added to a conversation, any user who has access to the conversation in Front will see it attached similar to a tag. Users can also click on the link to easily open the associated external_url, or see all conversations that share the same link.

You can also create a URL to navigate to all conversations that share a Link using this format:, where top_123 is the id of the Link.

Links in Front can also be created by integrations. Today the available Link integrations are Jira, Asana, Trello, and Github.

For an in-depth walk through of how to build an integration with Links, please see the dedicated guide.


Adding or removing Links from conversations

To add or remove Links from conversations, please see the Add conversation link and Remove conversation link endpoints.