Custom Fields

A custom field defines the name and type for an extra field of an API resource such as a contact, conversation, or account. Only listing all fields and updating the name and/or the description of a custom field is allowed. If you need a custom field to change its type, you need to create a new one with the correct type, as we validate the value of a custom field based on its type.

Each custom field has a specified data type. Ensure the data you submit when updating a custom field's value is formatted correctly:

String"London, UK"String values
BooleantrueBoolean true/false
Datetime1525417200Epoch Timestamps
Teammate[email protected]Email address of a teammate

Example Custom Field Object

  "_links": {
    "self": ""
  "id": "fld_55c8c149",
  "name": "job_title",
  "description": "Job title",
  "type": "string"