A context represents a partial state of Front that the user is interacting with.


idStringID of the context. Will change with each update.
typeStringType of the context.
teammateTeammateThe teammate using the plugin.

Context type

There are different context types returned when the user has a popover window open versus when there is no popover window open. Popover windows are features that developers can add to plugins that allow users to pop open a window overlay in Front while users interact with the plugin.

Context types available when the user is not viewing a popover window.

In most cases, a user will not have a popover window open. In this scenario, the context returns information about the conversations the user is interacting with from the normal Front workspace view.

  • noConversation when no conversation is selected by the user.
  • singleConversation when a single conversation is selected the user.
  • multiConversations when multiple conversations are selected by the user.

Context types available when the user is viewing a popover window.

When a user has a popover window open, the context returns information about the conversation the user was interacting with when opening the popover window.

  • noConversationPopover when the user is composing a brand new message in a popped out composer. Because the conversation is new, there is no conversation context, but there will be information about the draft.
  • singleConversationPopover when the user is interacting with a single conversation and chooses to open a popover window from the composer or other UI option where popovers can be opened.

Properties within the context

Depending on the type of context, developers have access to useful properties as described in the following table.

PropertyTypeDescriptionAvailabe on Context types of:
conversationsArray of ConversationList of the selected conversations.multiConversations
conversationConversationThe conversation selected.singleConversation,
draftIdstringThe current draft id the composer is composing.noConversationPopover