idStringID of the message
fromRecipientRecipient the message is coming from.
toArray of RecipientList of recipients the message is addressed to.
replyToArray of RecipientList of recipients set in the Reply-To header.
ccArray of Recipient (optional)List of recipient in copy of the message.
bccArray of Recipient (optional)List of recipients in blind copy of the message.
dateDateDate at which the message has been sent from Front or received in Front.
statusStringStatus of the message.
contentObject (optional)
content.bodyStringBody of the message.
content.typeStringContent type of the body. Can be either html or text.
content.attachmentsArray of AttachmentFiles attached to the message.

Message status

A message status represents whether it was received or sent. It can be one of:

  • inbound for a message received by a channel.
  • outbound for a message sent by a channel.

Message content

The content property is optional to reflect the fact that the content of non-draft messages is lazy loaded when the teammate opens them.