Draft message

A draft is a message that has not been sent yet.


idStringID of the draft
channelChannelChannel that will be used to send the message.
toArray of RecipientList of recipients the draft is addressed to.
ccArray of Recipient (optional)List of recipient in copy of the draft.
bccArray of Recipient (optional)List of recipients in blind copy of the draft.
subjectString (optional)Subject of the draft.
content.bodyStringBody of the draft.
content.typeStringContent type of the body. Can be either html or text.
content.attachmentsArray of AttachmentList of attachments in the draft.
isEditableBooleanFlag which determines if the draft is editable.

Draft vs Message

The Plugin SDK makes the distinction between a Draft message and a Message.
While they have similar properties, the plugin SDK can interact with a Draft by creating and updating them.