A conversation is a unique thread of messages and comments.


idStringID of the conversation.
typeStringType of the messages in the conversation.
statusStringStatus of the conversation for the current teammate.
subjectString (optional)Subject of the conversation.
blurbString (optional)Blurb of the latest message in the conversation.
assigneeTeammate (optional)Teammate assigned to the conversation, if any.
recipientRecipient (optional)Main recipient of the conversation.
inboxesArray of InboxInboxes the conversation is listed in.
tagsArray of TagTags attached to the conversations.
topicsArray of Topic.[Deprecated] Please use links instead
Topics attached to the conversation.
draftIdString (optional)ID of the draft message on this conversation, if any.
linksArray of LinksLinks attached to the conversation.

Conversation status

Front supports per teammate conversation status, allowing each teammate to go through their inbox individually.
The status exposed to the plugin SDK is the status as seen by the current teammate which may or may not match the status of another teammate.

A conversation's status can be one of:

  • archived
  • open
  • trashed for conversations that have been moved to trash.
  • spam for conversation marked as spam.

Conversation type

Front is able to manage multiple types of channels. The type of channel used will define the type of conversation.

A conversation's type can be one of:

  • email for emails
  • tweet for public Tweets
  • twitter_dm for private Direct Message on Twitter
  • phone_call for a phone call.
  • sms for text messages.
  • google_play for Google Play reviews
  • facebook for Facebook Messenger
  • intercom for Intercom messages
  • smooch for Smooch messages.
  • custom for Custom channels on Front.
  • whatsapp for Whatsapp messages.
  • front_chat for Front Chat