A contact is a record in Front Contact Manager.


idStringID of the contact.
nameString (optional)Name of the contact.
descriptionString (optional)Description of the contact.
groupIdsArray of Contact Group IDsIDs of the groups the contact belongs to.
handlesArray of Contact HandlesHandles used by the contact.
customAttributesArray of Custom AttributesCustom attributes.

Contact Group

Contacts can be organized by group.

idStringID of the group.
nameStringName of the group.

Contact Handle

A handle represents a way to communicate with the contact. A handle can have multiple types:

  • email for emails
  • phone for text messages and phone call
  • twitter for Twitter
  • custom for Custom channels
  • facebook for Facebook Messenger
  • intercom for Intercom
  • smooch for Smooch
  • frontChat for Front Chat
  • whatsapp for Whatsapp
  • googlePlay for Google Play reviews
handleStringHandle used to send and receive messages.
typeStringType of the handle.

Custom attributes

Front Contact Manager supports user-defined attributes on each contacts. Each Custom Attribute has a type which defines the type of its value:

  • string for a String
  • datetime for a Date
  • boolean for a Boolean
  • number for a Number
  • teammateId for the ID of a teammate
idStringID of the attribute.
nameStringHuman readable name.
typeStringType of the attribute.
valueVariableValue of the attribute.