Message Templates

Message templates are predetermined answers to common questions. They allow you to respond faster to inbound messages, and lessen the repetitive nature of replying to frequently asked questions.

Front allows individual and team canned responses. Individual message templates are visible to only you, and team message templates can be visible to your teammates on a per inbox level.

Example Message Template Object

  "_links": {
    "self": ""
  "id": "rsp_42",
  "name": "My message template",
  "subject": "Dogs in here",
  "body": "I heard there were dogs in here.",
  "attachments": [
      "filename": "attachment.jpg",
      "url": "",
      "content_type": "image/jpeg",
      "size": 10000,
      "metadata": {
        "is_inline": true,
        "cid": "123456789"
  "created_at": 0,
  "updated_at": 0